Did your friend volunteer you to buy beer for this weekend's soiree? Stop by Damon's Beverage Bangor to find exactly what you need. We carry everything from mainstream brands to locally brewed craft beer. We even have kegs available for large parties. Variety packs are available and we offer over 2,000 beers and are looking to grow. We have 30 fully stocked cooler doors including 5 doors showcasing all the great Maine Brews. We offer New England section, craft section, domestics, imports, ciders and bombers.

Our beer cave is a real crowd-pleaser. This 500-square foot walk-in cooler is home to over 12 varieties of crisp, cold beer from 12 packs up to 30 packs.

"Ringing" beer gives you highest savings possible on 6 packs and 12 packs.